Every home is unique.

Working alone, entertaining friends or spending time with family, individual rooms demand individual attention, from the necessary to the nice-to-have.

Together with his team, Jim will custom design, build and install bespoke fitted furniture that’s tailored to your needs and individual style. Convenient but covered up, nearby but not in the way, or right out in front – enhance your home, maximise storage and ensure everything has its place.


Rise & Shine…

Embrace the space with stylish fitted wardrobes. The complete design flexibility of custom made furniture allows Jim to give your bedroom a truly unique quality.

Clutter-free, spacious shelving, pull-out shoe racks, revolving rails and walk-in areas with specialist storage options, all in a variety of colours and wood types.

Off the Walls…

Bring nature into your home with the unmistakable atmosphere only wood can create.

Wall Panelling is an eye-catching addition to any room or façade. Available in a variety of natural colours, these decorative installations instantly add character, freshness and originality to your home and can also be used to define a separate area within a room.

All the Right Places…

An unusual shape, an awkward corner, somewhere for the essentials or something special. From a boot room to a library, Jim can offer an individually designed solution for one room or a complete interior fit-out for a smart streamlined look.

Paying attention to the needs of your home and drawing inspiration from a variety of styles, Jim uses carefully selected raw materials, traditional woodworking techniques and advanced manufacturing processes to design and build handmade furniture that is elegant, hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

Visit our Portfolio Gallery to view some work recently completed by Jim.