Jim Smith Kitchens & Furniture Design create exceptional custom designed kitchens, bespoke fitted furniture, stylish wall panelling and individually crafted furnishings for bedrooms, boot rooms, laundry rooms and libraries.

Why Choose Us?

Feel at Home

A home is not just how it looks. It’s the little things; how it works, how it feels. A favourite spot for family and friends, a place to get things done, somewhere to store your bits and pieces or a space for the everyday necessaries.

Through word of mouth and both personal and professional recommendations, Jim Smith Kitchens & Furniture Design has satisfied clients in Dublin, Kildare, across Leinster and all over Ireland with his exceptional bespoke designs for 17 years.

Handmade for your home, Jim will meet with you to plan the essentials, the extras and everything in between for distinctive made-to-measure pieces that meet your demands, match your style and are a joy to use.

Your furniture will be made with precision and care by Jim and his team and installed in your home to apply the finishing touches exclusive to your needs.

Explore Jim's portfolio of past designs or get in touch now to get your project going.